Motion Graphics Reel (Digital, Stop-Motion, & 3D Animation):

  • "Sunbeam (Desert Sky Mix) " by Submarine
  • "Groove Is In The Heart" by Dee-Lite
  • "Touched" by VAST

This motion graphics reel spotlights the best of my work as well as the breadth of my work, across various mediums. These include broadcast packages and on-air design, lo-res and HD digital signage outlets, and kiosk and digital/online applications. Ihave been working with motion graphics for more than 15 years.

  • In addition to designing motion graphics, I have developed design standards and maintaining consistent branding for a number of outlets.
  • Work has primarily been completed in high-pressure production deadline environments, with little time for the extended creative development possible in studio environments, yet I strive to produce highly creative work under any deadline.
  • I hope to find an opportunity to allow me to learn a better, more widely used, 3D design package.

HD Digital Signage Reel (Digital Animation):

  • "Blue Flowers" by Dr. Octagon
  • "Beat the House" Ambient Sound Effects by MacPlay
  • All my motion graphics design work for casino digital signage has been authored in 1080p HD (technically, even better than that with a 29.97fps frame rate). Even though delivery method wasn't always in HD, it was important for me to be future-ready.
  • Flash was the delivery method for signage with dynamic data insertion, and DVD was delivery medium for standard promotional messages, at the Golden Casino Group.
  • Animations were also resized, or often redesigned, for delivery in low-res outdoor LED signs purchased or leased from YESCO signs.