Graphic Design (Direct Marketing):

"King of the Grill" Father's Day

King of the Grill Mailer

June BBQ Cookout Giveaway

Juicy June Mailer

Lake Tahoe Trip Giveaway

Tahoe Trip Mailer

Blockbuster Launch Contest

Blockbuster Launch POP

Graphic Design (Print Advertising):

Gambler Cover Ad

Penny Slots Ad

Avalanche Program Ad

Avs Program Ad

Reality Check TV Guide

Reality Check Campaign

Pizza Hut Party Poster

Pizza Hut Hut Hut Party

Poker Room Newspaper

Penny Slots Ad

Voyager Contest Newspaper

Voyager Contest Ad

Station Christmas Card

UPN20 XMas Card

L.A. Story - TV Guide

L.A. Story Ad

Graphic Design (Outdoor & Transit):

The Dilbert Bus

The Dilbert Bus

UPN Comedy Billboards

Juicy June Mailer

Graphic Design (Brand & Logo Design):

Adams County Fair

PAdams County Fair