Flash Development:

  • "In The Mood" by The Glenn Miller Orchestra,
  • "Beat The House Ambient Soundtrack" by MacPlay

"Dynamic SignApps" are hi-definition flash-based applications that display dynamic data information based on variable data. Examples I've built include: a menu that updates items instantly based on a chef's changes to a file; a progressive that increments each time a jackpot above a certain amount hits on a range of machines; a branded "specials" board that changes restaurant name based on time-of-day; and a SQL-driven virtual drawing application that displays the winning name of a drawing of entries based on slot points earned.

  • Dynamic data fields pulled from output of SQL stored procedures or user input.
  • Flash-based animation integrated with rich animation from After Effects, added as Flash Video.
  • User-interface designed for presenter to run virtual drawing using a presentation remote.

User Interface Design and Web Site Development:

Victor Sanchez: Portfolio Site

Victor Sanchez: Portfolio Site

Design: Dana Laratta

Photo(s): Victor Sanchez

Remote Broadcasts Inc. Site

Remote Broadcasts Inc. Site

Design: Dana Laratta

Photo(s): Steve Thomas/RBI

"Suggestions" Show Site

Suggestions Show Site

Design: Dana Laratta

Photo(s): Diane Arbus

UPN20 TV Station Web Site

UPN 20 Web Site

Design: Dana Laratta

Photo(s): UPN & Syndicators

SQL Development:

SQL Stored Procedure - Golden Jackpot Progressive

SQL SP - Jackpot Progressive

SQL development work includes a number of on-demand or SQL Server Agent scheduled stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008, as well as SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports development for triggering the on-demand SPs. Using these tools I was able to integrate three separate CRM OLTP databases into one Marketing OLAP database, build on-demand CRM reports for front-line personnel, and build a ticketless contest drawing system with these features:

  • Over a dozen nested and linked SQL stored procedures optimised to be called by each drawing in the span of a few seconds.
  • Conditional criteria allowing full configuration of promotion based on set of input variables (points per entry, include or exclude bonus points, include VIPs only, date and time of entry earn and activation, etc).
  • Data trail recorded for all virtual drawings for regulatory oversight and compliance.

Project Management:


Project managment work includes managing internal and outsourced kiosk and Dynamic SignApp devlopment as part of the Golden Casino Group, as well as general management and contracting management of CasinoSoft, a Colorado and Nevada based company that offers software that supports Marketing, Cage, and Table Games operations, usually operating in concert with an existing slot accounting database product like Aristocrat's OASIS.

  • Spearheaded the deployment of web-based customer relationship management software.
  • Developed the first knowledgebase of company’s software and support issues, and outlined procedures for customer issue handling and bug reports.
  • Saved significant cost from Promotional kiosk database flaws and directed project from revision through go-live.