Marketing Strategy and Direction:

Being dedicated, resourceful, and fortunate has allowed me to have hands-on knowledge with most areas of Marketing discipline, as outlined on this page. This experience allows me to unify specific knowledge into informed decisions on general marketing strategy, for a variety of businesses:

  • PR & CLIENT MANAGEMENT: High-pressure experience managing a B2B software company, following experience as the same company's client, has given me unique skills in managing B2B client perception and expectations. Hands-on interaction with VIP casino customers has given me "trench-level" PR and customer perception management experience as well. Full familiarity with the games enthusiast press informs my understanding of those unique concerns.
  • LOYALTY MARKETING: Few industries have as solid a grip of "club-based" loyalty marketing programs as the Casino industry. I have a thorough understanding of how to best implement a loyalty marketing program to benefit any business.
  • MARKET SEGMENTATION: My casino database marketing experience strongly informs an understanding of how to tier and analyze a customer base, appeal to "VIP-level" customers, and identify the opportunities and challenges inherent to different market segments.
  • VENDOR MANAGEMENT: Hands-on experience with most levels of creative production have given me unusual savvy in cost-effective vendor management, and first-hand knowledge of when a service is worth the money or over-priced.

Business Intelligence & Database Mining:

Business Intelligence - Promotion Analysis

Report - Promotion Analysis

Business Intelligence, analysis, and reporting is one of the most critical marketing skillsets I have acquired. Years in one of the most highly competitive gaming markets in the country have given me solid understanding of key metrics within CRM data and how to use them to segment a set of customers, identify growth potential in segments, and target offers and messages to customers demonstrating key behavior indicators. Rather than merely shopping this process to experts, my hands-on experience with this includes:

  • SQL development experience, utilizing code-level knowledge to build custom stored procedures (often used in custom applications, like the Virtual Drawings).
  • Consolidation of multiple OLTP databases into an OLAP SQL reporting database, including server technology configuration and management, combining individual player data from multiple OASIS slot system databases.
  • Extensive direct marketing and mail campaign management, interfacing with mailhouse vendor to manage generation of creative as well as successful interpretation of provided offer data.
  • Business intelligence decisions regarding WHICH data to look at and HOW to combine and analyze to reach revenue-impacting marketing conclusions.

Promotion Management:

As part of multiple promotion & marketing teams, I have a dozen years of experience contributing to the conception of promotions, sweepstakes and drawings, and direct marketing initiatives. This experience has led to a lot of familiarity with the pitfalls and potential problems in a promotion's design, and how best to avoid them. Promotional Marketing experience includes:

  • Conceiving promotions with a team, writing rules and procedures for use in executing promotions.
  • Managing strategic partnerships with partner companies on long-standing cooperative promotions (bus company partnerships, group functions, etc.).
  • Developing technology solutions to problems in order to enable promotion designs that were previously impossible (Virtual Drawing, "Golden Jackpot" Progressive, Bus Program Management and Reporting, etc.).
  • Personally running promotions as "Master of Ceremonies," handling a crowd, and related prize tax compliance paperwork.

Branding & Marcomm Direction:

Branding - Messaging Across Media Forms

Branding - Message Similitude Across Media Forms

Extensive hand-on experience with nearly every aspect of modern media production and communication give me unparalleled potential for the direction of Creative Marketing. An education in the art of--completed with work experience in--leading tightly-knit teams of creative people, has barely whet my thirst for doing so.

Experience with highly visible and regulated industries like television and the gaming industry have also afforded an instinct for the art of public relations, as had partnerships with various high-profile brands like AT&T, Pizza Hut, Blockbuster, etc.

  • Hands-on direct experience directing & conceiving production, design, and copy for marketing and promotions.
  • Development of design guidlines and creative workflow, and management of external creative and development vendors, to ensure creative/brand integrity across multiple media types.
  • Cross-marketing experience with developing materials compliant to partner requirements.
  • Public performance and promotion-running experience will support presentation and trade show needs.