Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Silently planning the arc of his fall
Already knowing that all of those men
Could not put his carcass together again

Humpty Dumpty, beloved by all
Knew that the wall was too damn tall
But from its pinnacle he can see
All of the people that he'll never be

        Humpty is stupid
        And Humpty is brave
        Humpty knows how
        To dig his own grave
        Humpty is running
        On two broken legs
        You can't make an omelet
        Without breaking eggs

Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall
Straining to hear his destiny call
Eyes in the sky and never below
Always forget the things that you know

Humpty always returned to the wall
Wanting to jump instead of to fall
Humpty likes to make it a game
Of playing the fool and shifting the blame

Humpty loses his balance once more
Shatters like glass upon the floor
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Watch as his shards climb the wall again

        Humpty is stupid
        And Humpty is brave
        Humpty don't know
        If he wants to be saved
        Humpty wants credit
        A whole trophy shelf
        Thats says he hurts no one
        As much as himself

        Humpty is clever
        And Humpty is lame
        Humpty can always
        Return to his game
        Humpty is climbing
        With two broken legs
        He can't make an omelet
        But he can break eggs

--Dana Laratta