Star Trek Reviews and Ruminations:

Star Trek Reviews

I have been a fan of Star Trek since my first exposure as a child, watching the animated Star Trek series (really!), and then crossing over to the original series. My enthusiasm for the show stems from its hopeful view of the potential of humanity ...more

Star Trek Cartoons:

Trek Toon 1Trek Toon 2

Free Association

Free Association

Free Association was the name of the college comic strip I did for a few years. I was happy to include a couple of Star Trek parodies in the run. Check out the Free Association comic strip

Star Trek Commercials:

  • "Star Trek Armada Soundtrack" by Danny Pelfrey
  • "Higher" by Creed

As a trek fan, it was my pleasure to be working for a TV station that was both a UPN affiliate and carried Voyager in syndication, allowing me to make spots for the show.

  • The first spot is a one-minute spot for Star Trek: Voyager, emphasizing people, relationships, and adventure. Thanks to the producers of Star Trek: Armada for the music piece.
  • The secondis a one-minute spot for Star Trek: Voyager, emphasizing action, conflict, and special effectsalso with music from Star Trek: Armada. A :30 of this spot in higher quality can be found on my commercial reel.
  • The third is my wife's favorite spot I did--using "Higher" by Creed--which is no surprise as everything I did for Star Trek: Voyager was more heartfelt than, say, Jerry Springer spots. Everyone hates Creed now but this song and "Arms Wide Open" earned them a place on my iPod forever.