Star Trek Reviews and Ruminations:

I have been a fan of Star Trek since my first exposure as a child, watching the animated Star Trek series (really!), and then crossing over to the original series. My enthusiasm for the show stems from its hopeful view of the potential of humanity, and I have followed and enjoyed all the modern series and movies as well. These are my personal opinions and reviews of a few Star Trek episodes--because there simply isn't enough written about Star Trek on the internet yet.>

I used to post these reviews on under the name Imbarkus, so if anyone out there remembers arguing back and forth over them, send me an email! It's been a long time!

Star Trek Ruminations:

  • Of "Lightning" || Why Trek isn't as popular as it used to be, as of 1997.
  • Of "Bottles" || My survey of the Trek shows, as of 1997.

Reviews - Star Trek Movies:

Reviews - Star Trek: Voyager:

Season 6

Season 5

  • "Juggernaut"  || Voyager gets the "horror homage" right with a species that should be light years behind them.
  • "The Fight"  || Why won't they just say that he takes peyote?! Like maybe when he's on leave? It would make episodes like this so much easier!
  • "Thirty Days"  || Tom Paris finally gels with a meaningful script.
  • "In the Flesh"  || Chakotay makes it with an alien girl from Species 8472 version 3.0

Season 4

  • "Living Witness"  || A real museum piece with both "evil Voyager" and something meaningful to say.
  • "Unforgettable"  || Better to have loved and lost, than to have loved and lost and loved and lost.
  • "The Omega Directive"  || The god/perfection/molecule thing is tenuous but for God's sake! They're finally on a mission!
  • "Vis a Vis"  || Janeway spends several hours in Tom Paris' body and doesn't even make ONE JOKE about his penis!
  • "The Raven"  || Seven kicks everyone's ass and steals a shuttle for a trip down memory lane.
  • "Revulsion"  || Kim blows his ONE CHANCE with Seven and a lunatic hologram goes all Norman Bates.
  • "Nemesis"  || Chakotay joins the resistance without even a single Cardassian in sight.

Reviews - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

Season 7

Season 6

  • "His Way"  || A classy and age-old story that nonetheless brings Odo and Kira together beautifully.
  • "By the Pale Moonlight"  || A superb and disturbing tale of one captain's descent into "justifying the means."
  • "Inquisition"  || A worn-thin plot introducing Section 31 ensures its role in history by tainting Trek lexicon.
  • "Rocks and Shoals"  || A quintessential and near-perfect pair of war stories.
  • "A Time to Stand"  || (Season Premiere) A stumble at the starting gate of the sixth season, that does its expositional job.