Compliance & Local Government

The gaming industry is one of the most closely regulated industries in North America and in Colorado specifically. All employees in key and support positions are licensed and thus vetted and investigated by the overseeing regulatory agency for trustworthiness. Thus far I hold gaming support licenses in both Colorado and Missouri.

In addition to the regular duties of licensed casino personnel in reporting and compliance, I have been able to contribute to smoothe regulatory and governmental issues both at the Golden Casino Group and at Century through direct engagement with representatives of regulatory agencies and city councils and commissions.

Old Time Central City

City Government Engagement

At Century I have been able to involve myself in local city government over the years, benefitting our property with early warnings for threatening or challenging initiatives in taxation or code enforcement. I have also been able to use public forums to directly address and argue issues before local representation.

Most recently there was significant discussion between city council and the local casino businesses around all the various economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 epidemic, and my words to council were featured by local media.


2019 ULI TAP Cover

Economic Advisory Panels

I've also been able to contribute in advising on the economic direction of the city by volunteering my time and viewpoint to verious development commissions like the 2019 Urban Land Institude Technical Advisory Panel.


Vote for Judy

Campaign Management for Representation

The casino where I've worked for nearly ten years also happens to be located in the same town where my mother is enjoying her retirement. This Home Rule town is faced with the kind of difficult and expensive infrastructure challenges that are unique to Colorado mountain towns. When the city began to consider redefining the ownership of a certain portion of the waterlines to bequeath a portion of them to the citizens, including the responsibility for repairs outside a citizen's property lines, she decided to tackle the problem directly by running for City Council.

I managed her campaign communications in this effort, first in an unsuccessful bid as a write-in candidate, and subsequently in a successful bid on the ballot. This mainly consisted of yard sign design and production, and the production and mailing of a direct piece used the USPS Every Door Direct mailing feature, something finanacially feasible for samller towns or targeted zip codes. Although my mom remains an impartial and independent auldermann, listening to the will and concerns of her constituents, she is also a multi-year veteran of the casino industry in town. So are many, many of her constituents. So a fortuitous effect of her presence in office has been increasd understanding in city government about the concerns of both casino employees and business owners in town.

Colorado Department of Revenue

Compliance Support

Before joining the property in Central City, my regulatory experience in Black Hawk had more to do with compliance and providing whatever reports and documentation was required by the Colorado Department of Revenue Gaming Enforcement Division (CDOG).

During my tenure as Director of I.T. at the Golden Casino Group, I was able to communicate directly with new CDOG agents with a focus on information security and integrity. By developing custom reports using stored procedures that integrated I.T. Help Desk ticketing data with multiple Aristocrat OASIS casino C.R.M. databases, I was able to fulfill and satisfy reporting requirements for technical issues directly related to the gaming systems. Moving the properties' I.T. departments swiftly into compliance helped restore the regulatory agency's trust in the properties.