Motion Graphics and Animation:

I have twenty-five years of motion graphics experience primarily focused in Adobe After Effects and executed in high-volume, quick-turnaround environments.

Motion Graphics Reel (Digital, Stop-Motion, & 3D Animation)

This motion graphics reel spotlights the best of my work as well as the breadth of my work, across various mediums, as of 2009. These include broadcast packages and on-air design, lo-res and HD digital signage outlets, and kiosk and digital/online applications.

In addition to designing motion graphics, I have developed design standards and maintaining consistent branding, specializing in integrating consistent elements across motion and print outlets. 3D design and animation experience is limited to titling work completed in Lightwave, and 3D compsiting and animation in After Effects.

Work has primarily been completed with little time for the extended creative development possible in studio environments, yet I strive to produce highly creative work under any deadline.

Music Credits:

  1. "Sunbeam (Desert Sky Mix)" by Submarine
  2. "Groove Is In The Heart" by Dee-Lite
  3. "Touched" by VAST;


HD Digital Signage Reel (Digital Animation)

All my motion graphics design work for casino digital signage has been authored in 1080p HD. I have not yet had cause or outlet to work in 4K.

Flash was the delivery method for signage with dynamic data insertion, and DVD was delivery medium for standard promotional messages, at the Golden Casino Group.

Animations were also resized, or often redesigned, for delivery in low-res outdoor LED signs purchased or leased from YESCO signs.

Music Credits:

  1. "Blue Flowers" by Dr. Octagon
  2. "Beat the House" Ambient Sound Effects by MacPlay