Graphic Design:

I have over thirty years of graphic design and promotional poster experience, primarily focused in the Adobe Creative Suite and executed in high-volume, quick-turnaround environments. This includes design for direct mail and marketing, print advertising, outdoor and transit advertising, logo design, and digital illustration.

Design for Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

I have the kind of thorough soup-to-nuts familiarity with the quirks and requirements of designing for direct mail applications that only comes with experience in the casino industry (or, arguably, a mail house itself). I'm also familiar with the entirely different yet also unique challenges in designing facings for point-of-sale contest drop boxes and other physical constructs.


Design for Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Print outlets for which I have designed include T.V. Guide, the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News, the Boulder Daily Camera, the Fort Collins Coloradoan, and the Colorado Gambler, and lots of other various small and specialty outlets. In the heyday of print advertising for television, I managed a rotation of multplie ad deadlines, formats, and creatives with overlapping and offset schedules flawlessly.


Design for Outdoor & Transit

Outdoor, Billboard, & Transit Advertising

Designs for billboard and outdoor need to be eye-catching to stand out in a crowded background environment, yet if the design overrides quick readability it is largely wasted in the scant seconds available to make an impression. Billboard and outdoor has been an extensive part of my work for more than two decades in the Denver Metro area. In addition, I have wrapped a few buses with designs as well, which presents its own set fo challenges in layout.


Design for Branding & Logos

Branding & Logos

Since my career profile has primarily been that of a multifunctional in-house marketing resource rather than participating in brand-developing agency work, the opportunity to participate in full brand and logo development from the ground up has been rare. I've been tested more in regulation of and adherance to, and smart and effective revision of, existing sets of brand and logo design guidelines. Instead, the high-volume turnaround of monthly promotion logos for drawings and sweepstakes makes up the bulk of my logo design experience.